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If you want to have one of my games on your private non-commercial website you may do so as long as you include the copyright notice for the script with a link from my name to my website

If you want to use one of my games for a commercial purpose, please write me so that we could get an agreement.

In case you want one of my Javascript game for yourself, to play it offline, you may download the Kielack Games Pack.

Should you prefer such games for Windows or MAC-OS check out the list below.


Taipei or Mahjongg
Marble solitair
connect four freeware
jigsaw puzzle
memory 1
memory 2
memory 3
RoofDrop or Colors as Clicks
triangale marble solitair
Domino game Dominator ver1.0
Game of life

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Boka Battleships
memory 1
memory 2



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