Kielack's Javascript Games

Javascript Games For One Player
User generated Puzzle Games
Solitaire card game treasure trove ( Osmosis for N3DS)
Truck Sorting Game & Simple version
Marble Solitaire Game
Search Triples
Calcdoku/MathDoku Game (4x4)
Minesweeper Javascript Game with 3 Levels & clear around feature
Sudoku(3x3) Game
Kids Sudoku (3x2)
Tetris Game
isometric Sokoban
Graphic adventure maze
Simple Maze Game for kids
3D Maze
Small Colors & Large Colors
Taipei Game (with two tile sets)
Jump into Lines
Build locomotives Game
RoofDrop, PipeDrop
Oasis and its difficult variations
FlowControl and Twisting Pipes
cows' pastures
Sliding Pieces Puzzle Game
Neuschwanstein Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Hard Abstract Puzzle Game
Push-it Puzzle Game
Sort Rotating Balloons
Match Pairs
Memorise Pattern
Corona - A Circular Nim Game
Tower of Hanoi
super code
twist n' turn
Game of Building ships in a shipyard
Draw by Coordinates
train + - * and /

Bastelanleitungen für Brettspiele für Kinder

Against Each Other
Froxot for 1-2 Player
Battle Ship Game 1 Player (or N3DS variant)
Domino Game (1 Player vs.PC) and its variants Draw-Domino Game, Block-Domino Game, Cross-Domino Game, DoubleCross-Domino Game.
Connect Four Game 2 Players
Conway's Game of Life 1-2 P.
Tick Nine 1-8 Players
(Tick Nine for MSIE3)
flash games
Growing Bubbles1-2 P.
Ramba Zamba dice game 1-4 P.
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Magic Cards Card Trick on a PC
Falling Balls Action Game for MSIE4

Funky Lines change weird patterns

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