Build a website with javascript games and other dynamic content

First you would need of a course a website if you do not have one. if you do not have one you could get 20MB of web space at tripod geocity or Fortunecity. When starting out you could use a homepage constructor from Fortunecity to set up a standard homepage automaticaly without any knowledge about HTML(See banner above). This is a good start but it is limited. It is a simliar problem with editors. They allow you to create a page just as easy as you would write in word. unfortunately they do not allow much more as well or it becomes then so difficult to do it that it would have been easier to do it .

When you have your web space you should have a clear idea what you want to do with it, otherwise it becames easiely chaotic and confuses for the visitors. With an idea you can write your first HTML Pages while learning it from the web in a HTML online tutorial. Since you want your pages to look nice from the beginning try to stick with the some basic design rules. It will insure that your site will look and feel good to your visitors. (You can see the number of visitors with webtracker)

When you are comfortable with basic HTML you should look into using forms and frames before you start to learn javascript to bring some action into the pages.




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2 - change form values
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