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Here is a list of some quotes from famous people. Sometimes I wrote my own opinion behind it in brackets. If you have any opinions or thoughts about the quotations please write me immediately a comment. You can write me also when you want to be included in the list of famous people. Just write me a wise thought.

When all these quotations are too philosophical for you, you should try to solve the task with the ant.

When the state gets more corrupt, it needs more laws. - Tacitus

Look forward! Do not look back! You will die when you go always into the deep. - Friedrich Nietzsche

The definition of diplomacy: The ability to tell a person that he is going to hell in such a way that he looks forward to the trip. - unknown
(mailed by Karthie G.)

Doing everything at the same time destroys everything at the same time. - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

The intuition of a woman is usually more reliable as the knowledge of a men. - Rudyard Kipling
(More Woman as Manager?)

When you love life, it loves you too. - Artur Rubenstein

The control over the moment is the control over your life. - Marie Eschenbach
(Everything works better with self-control.)

A little love between man is more worth than all love to mankind. - Richard Demmel

Love me when I deserve it at least of all, because then I need it most of all. - unknown

Is not it the rule for males, that they force a woman to show her love, before they risk a stitch with a needle against their own ego? - Elizabeth Barret-Browning
(Why do not the females understand it and do the first step?)

Are religions information-viruses that attack our minds? - unknown

Money isn't everything. Not always - Eugene O'Neill
(mailed by Frank H.)

Live fast, die rich!
(This rule was made to created manager, but ... . What is the use of a lot of money, when you die at 35 on a heart attack, because you lived to fast?)

Literature is my Utopia. Here I am not disenfranchised. - Helen Keller

At first, examine the needs of the market and then whether you can meet it more effectively than your competitors. - Armin Kielack

A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it - Edward P. Morgan

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. - Rudyard Kipling

Our critics are our friends; they show us our faults. - unknown
(mailed by Breanna)

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. - Edward Stanley (1779 - 1849)
(mailed by Peter Hugosson-Miller)

The task with the ant

On the earth is the hill of the ant Jessica, from where she goes 10km north until she overruns an elephant. Of course, she puts it in her pocket! By doing it, she loses the orientation and does not walk home, but 100km to the east, until she notices that she walks in the wrong direction. Then she walks 10km south and is back on her hill. Where is the hill?
Notice the world is a disk, with a diameter of 3333 km, that is carried by two turtles. One pole is in the middle of the disk and the other is along the end of the world! Unfortunately, it is unknown which pole where is, so you have to solve the problem for both cases. (If you believe that such a world does not exist, you can solve the problem also, by assuming the house is on the earth.)
a) How many solutions exist?
b) Write down all solutions. (e.g. in form of an equation like "x=3z" or in a description of the position like "there at ...")

You get the solution when you ask for it by mail. Just write me to my email address.



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